How to Order

We need to know a few details from you to process a quote or order. Please use the below points to help you send us what we need to know. You may find it easier to copy and paste the points, and add in your own details on an email.

Please click here to email us, or send your email with details to

Below the guide, we have added some notes to help with anything you are unsure of.

  • Quantity
  • Balloon and Print colour(s)
  • Single or Double sided print
  • Neck Down or Neck Up
  • What is being printed
  • Accessories required
  • Delivery name, address, and contact phone number.


1) Quantity

How many balloons would you like? Our minimum order for a 1 colour print is just 50 balloons, for a two to full-colour print the minimum order is 250. The more you order, the cheaper it works out per balloon.

2) Balloon and Print Colour(s)

Which balloon colours would you like? Click here to open in a new page our colour chart

How many colours would you like printing, and if you know what colour ink you would like please advise. We offer a nearest match colour on small orders of 5000 or less, we are happy to pantone match on larger orders.

Example answers could be:

10000 x White, Red, Yellow, Baby Pink (2500 each) with a one colour black print.

600 Balloons, half White with Black print, half Black balloons with White print, one colour print for both combinations.

3000 White Balloons with a dark green and red 2 colour print.

 3) Single or Double sided print

The most popular and cost effective is a one side print, but we can also print either the same design on two opposite sides, or we can print one design on one side, and a different design on the second opposite side.

4) Neck Down or Neck Up

Neck down tends to be the most common when using helium or balloon sticks.

5) What is being printed

The print area on standard balloons is a 125mm rounder corner square, width or height.

We understand every print job is different, whether it is a logo, text, photo, or a combination, the best thing we ask is to email us with what you would like, with the biggest image file you have, if you like a certain style of lettering etc we are happy to advise from there.

If you are confident with your artwork, we kindly ask if possible to send over a jpeg, eps or similar, 150dpi or greater, to fit the above. If having a one colour print please send as a solid one colour file, if having more than one colour please send as solid colours together on a file.

6) Accessories required

We stock many balloon accessories, click here to open a new page with our balloon accessories gallery or if you know what you need, please let us know here.

7) Delivery name and address, with contact phone number

This is where you would like it delivering, we ask for this beforehand, as some non-mainland UK areas are charged at a higher delivery rate. The telephone number is to give to the courier, should any delivery problems arise.