Helium Prices

The Balloon Printing Company offers great value helium options, and helium alternatives. Please take a moment to scroll down to view our sizes, and prices, which exclude VAT.

To order, please email info@theballoonprintingcompany.co.uk

 Collected from usCollected from your local partnerDelivered to you

Helium Rental

The rentals come in 4 different sizes, and are rented on an initial 2 month rental. Each comes with all you need to fill helium in to your balloons.

It does work out cheaper to collect helium from us in Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, but we understand this is not always possible, you can also have it delivered to your door, or you can collect from your local depot in our network, we have over 500 partners nationwide.


Disposables are ideal for smaller quantities of balloons, or if you need to use helium over a longer period of time. When the cylinder is empty, simply throw away with your regular waste.

Balloon Sticks

No helium required, inflate your balloon by mouth, pump or inflator, tie the knot and put on a balloon stick, perfect for handing out, and much more cost effective compared to helium. Click here to view our balloon stick prices